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The history of our advocate’s office commenced in 2001 with the organization of specialized legal advice Bureau №65.

In 2003, after the federal statute from 31.05.2002 “About advocacy and advocateship in Russian Federation” was enacted, the Penal of Sverdlovskaya regional college of advocates made a decision to reorganize the legal advice Bureau and divide it into two independent colleges of advocates: № 9 and №65. The advocate’s office № 9 consists of advocates who specialize in civil law (civilian). The advocate’s office №9 is found in Yekaterinburg. 

At present, 7 advocates work at advocate’s office №9. They specialize in different branches of civil law. Assistants and trainees assist the advocates to provide the clients with legal services.

The Senior Attorney of advocate’s office №9 is Burmakin Nikolay Valerievich. 
From the moment of creation up until the present, our advocate’s office has undergone several changes, including involvement in our work with highly qualified specialists of auditing, taxation, land questions, and those who assist in preparation of arguments in support of an action. 

As a result, the quality of our legal services has risen and considerably improved, and the term of trial has shortened. At the same time the fundamental principles of our work, such as professionalism, decency, and commitment to achievement of set goals, remained unchanged. Hence the advocate’s office №9 remains a leader for 10 years on the market of legal services.

Despite the fact that our clients such as “Izhorskie zavodi”, “Heiniken”, “Belka Ural”, “Proektstroikonstrukzia” have large legal departments with over 45 lawyers employed, the advocates of Advocate’s office №9 commonly represent the aforementioned entities at court in particularly complex cases.