Why do you have to choose us?

In the present-day world, legal questions arise in almost all spheres of our life; all of us are somehow bounded by different obligations - tough transactions, contracts and agreements. And despite our legal and conscentious actions we can still run some serious risks. If you are not a professional lawyer, it could be difficult to deal with a legal problem; moreover it could be even impossible to rectify introduced errors. The best solution is to opt for the legal assistance and advice of a qualified advocate.

Being professionals and taking into account our clients demand an effective and highly qualitative assistance, we offer you a wide spectrum of legal services; from basic legal consultation, to accompanying of bankruptcy procedure of large-scale enterprises.

During our work we have accumulated extensive legal experience in representing individuals and legal entities in state courts and arbitrage. 
Among our regular clients are companies working in the sphere of building and construction, trade and finances, as well as individuals that have been faced with questions of family law, tax law, labor law, land law, debt collection, establishment and protection of proprietary right, ect.

Depending on our client's specific needs, economic solutions may be developed in cooperation with our different convenient locations: Moscow, St. Petersb(o)urg, Tumen, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Perm, and Volzhsk. 

We guarantee our clients the greatest possible efficiency, precise analysis of the problem taking all risk areas into account, remembering to take the non-legal issues under consideration when handling the legal case, inclusion of creative and goal orientated solutions, high emphasis on optimising the client's time and cost factors, teamwork and complete confidentiality.

We look forward to working with you.